Saturday, December 19, 2009

Uh oh...

Last night was the long awaited opening of Aqui me quedo, owned by Mike, operated by Hector and Perri (yes yes, I know, Perri, it's Hector's, ok). Now...the rough translation of Aqui me queda is something like 'Here I stay'. Fine. Of course, in true Culebra style it will be called...Hector's. Great new recreation in a tiny amount of space (this was formally the Mexican place, and before that Alicia and Feddy had it), Hector could consider putting designer on his resume. The back is opened up with a fabulous piece of furniture for lounging on as well as a back bar...which was covered with delicious nibbles. And that's where the uh oh comes in. I somehow forgot to take a photo of the (Free Range Friday) food! I went to do that, really, but there on the couch were these beautiful woman/girls/friends and I got distracted. Oops!

But believe me, the food was great! Chicken wings that weren't fried! edited to note: they were, flash frying I guess, there wasn't a greasy thing about them! Pot stickers, a dumpling with a thin wrapper, stuffed with...uh...something good! and numerous sauces from sweet to spicy for dipping. I will definitely do a repeat on the food for the blog, and get a look at the menu to share that as well. Somehow my mission oriented self got lost along the walk from Ann's stoop to Hector's...funny how that can happen.

My first drink from Hector at Aqui de quedo

Pam & Mike kickin' up the heels

The outdoor crew (Jack from the Back)

Hector & Perri prepare to pour the bubbly


Once again Culebra gave us a night to be with friends, eat good food, have some drinks and congratulate another of our own for stepping out on the wire with a new business all of us can enjoy. To many more nights of good times, y'all. Nice job. Really nice job. And next time, I'll do the food first...

If you want to see a lot more photos of the evening, go here. I'm going to town to open my very festivally dressed up cart, thanks to Sue & Tuck.

p.s. Don't forget jazz at Susie's tonight...oh how our social calendar is filling up!


  1. Awesome! April can't come soon enough...

  2. That piece of furniture is beautiful. I can't wait to take a rest on it myself, while enjoying a new place to hang out.