Thursday, December 3, 2009

And we're going to a party party...

Yesterday was all about Linda and her 65th birthday. Cards were made, cakes were baked, balloons were blown and it all came together at Susie's under a not quite full but very bright moon. And a couple of iridium flares as well, brought to us by Celestial Chuck. They were bright enough for photos, but I only got a blur due to not having the camera set up in time. It's been awhile since a lot of us were gathered during one of Chuck's tell and show's, nice. And we thank NASA as well, for thinking of Linda and arranging a show.

Yep, 65 and she does it beautifully!

Blowin' the Birthday hat - a Culebra tradition

Making the Birthday Hat - John and his lovely assistant Lisa

Wa la!

A good time was had by all!
The Culebra lemon/lime coconut ginger rum cake was a hit:
praise of its look and taste warmed my little heart cockles

Old friends (and I mean that)

Linda and Ann (in her new career as a hat decorator)

Linda and Greg (our psycho landlord...and friend)

A rare appearance of Grouchy Kevin

A surprise - to us and to him - appearance of Frank
(nice mug shot, Frank, sorry you forgot to smile!)

Linda and Teresa

Linda and me

Singing Happy Birthday for perhaps the 14th or 114th time...

Obligatory 'Jack on my blog' shot

There are a lot more photos on my facebook page if you want to see more. Thanks to Susie for letting us take over her restaurant! Thanks to the visiting patrons who put up with us! And thanks for the two who liked the cake without prompting *cough*.

And now, I'll return to the recovery mode part of the day...


  1. Kevin maintains his innocence. he wanted to know if he had made the internet again. I told him it was swapping spit -- nothing to serious. :)

  2. Wow! I have a really, really hard time believing she is 65. She looks great! (And I have no reason to suck up to her or anything since we don't really know each other).

  3. She's pretty fabulous, inside and out. And...she's pretty unsuckupable...right up there with the three most unsuckupable people I know, so no worries!