Sunday, December 13, 2009

The party

It was perfect weather. A cool breeze, no rain. The food was great - big thanks to Neil and Norman! John's pineapple upside-down cake made the hit parade. And the birthday girls were feeling no pain...

The crowd begins to gather

Setting things up

Later on, the party stretched from the street to the deck..
police driving by waved and grinned

Lisa and Jaques

Voelker Familia

The birthday girls in fine tune (hey, it's my blog they can sound great!)

Cake bakin' John and Walt

Gary, Lisa and Francie

Chris, Judy, Linda

Obligatory Jack on the blog

Walt, Pat, Gary

Kai looking fierce

Francie, Judy

Zuleyma (one of the birthday girls), Rosirito

Francie, Linda

The general consensus was that we ought to have a party like this once a month. I'm not so sure that the next day vote would have been the same, but I do know that a Sagittarius by any other name will party the same!

Have a rest up Sunday. Do something horizontally.


  1. no wonder you all felt like you did yesterday. :))