Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Clear outside, foggy inside

I was sure I had something I wanted to write about today, and just as sure I'll remember it after posting this, but when insomniacs get hit, they get hit hard. At least this one does. I'm gulping tea to re-start the engines...

Even with only a little over an hour racked up in the land of dreams I still smiled as I was pulled out of my sleep by the first morning of the parranda music truck making its rounds...true to form, it was a gentle pulling (or I might not have been smiling).

Onward with the day. The sky has turned sunshine cloudy but the radar shows barely a drop in sight. I was out overlooking Brava yesterday and it was beautiful! A hundred shades of blue in wild water. Supposedly a cold front is trying to make its way down here, which means maybe we'll pull on something with long sleeves for Christmas! I can live with that.

Have a wide awake Wednesday. Do something witty.

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