Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sunset Moonshine

(This, of course, was supposed to already be here, but technical difficulties prevailed. We're back in biz this morning)

I'm not even sure what happened to yesterday...it was one of those "I'm tired" days that I rarely ever have, but so it was, the upshot was the day getting lost in a low grumble. Until sunset. A nap, a long walk with the dogs, a shower, a little dinner and I felt like I'd climbed right out of my dusty self into light. Stepping out on the balcony to watch the sunset just took me into a higher dimension that lasted the rest of the night...when dreams took over what the day left undone.

This view from one balcony

led me to the side balcony...

Where I wanted to learn how to fly...

closer and closer to the moon

so I did...

Can you see the profiles of the man and woman kissing in the moon? I hope so! Have a moon shadow Tuesday! Do something radiant.


  1. :))) i can feel it just like I was out on the balcony with you....

  2. These are great pics. I really miss Culebra. I was one of the young guys whose picture you took at the bar back in late Feb/March at Dinghy Dock. Thanks for keeping the blog up to date so I can pretend I am still on the island. I only make it once a year for a week but Culebra is in my mind always.

  3. Beautiful. Thank you for using your camera and sharing! -Michelle

  4. Thanks - it's my joy to take them and doubles it to share them. And yes, Jake I remember you guys - stop and say hi next time, I'll get another pic.