Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Get your Boogie ready for 2010

Was it really ten years ago I was on Jost Van Dyke, pretending to be a bartender for New Year's Eve, for that strange numbered year 2000? How amazing! You DO realize that New Year's Eve is tomorrow night, yes? And that it is also a Blue Moon? Danger! danger, Will Robinson! So to get warmed up and ready, I've got this video for you to practice with. If you are not too tired (just from watching it), get your dancing shoes off and your sky gazing eyes on, ready to see the Old Year's Night come and go to the New Year, 2010. (which is really odd to type, by the way, losing that zero) with a full moon overhead.

Who knew I was doing the Boogie Woogie all of these years while others thought
I was having spastic tics and calling it dancing? I'm SO proud of myself!

Now to the blue moon part (this is also called the Long Nights Moon for some First People). I've written about blue moons before here because they fascinate me and because the term is so unscientifically full of unspecified romance. Very moon like indeed! The second full moon of a month is called a blue moon. Of course, don't expect the moon to be blue - from the blog Astronomy Picture of the Day - "The term "Blue Moon" has recently been traced to an error in a magazine article in 1946. It is possible for the Moon to appear tinged by a blue hue, sometimes caused by fine dirt circulating in the Earth's atmosphere, possibly from a volcanic explosion." Which for us means, it's possible, so let's watch and see.

We'll not have JUST an Old Year's Night and a full/blue moon - which only happens every twenty years or so, there will also be a partial eclipse of the moon! However, unless you are reading from Europe, Asia or Africa (and I hope you are) it won't be visible in North or South America. I have no doubt there will be a few squinched eyes out there New Year's Day wondering if the whole earth eclipsed...have fun and be careful. I want everyone I like and love to greet 2010 with nothing worse than a hangover, please!

Speaking of hangovers, it's a good time to be thinking about your New Year Resolutions. Of course, we make these to break these. But I kept my big one from last year, which was quitting smoking. Yes, I miss it, so don't ask or tell me how great it is that I've quit. If I could figure out how to smoke and breathe too, I'd be smokin' away! And it's saved me a pile of money. This year will be just as classic a resolution for me, losing the weight I put on from not smoking. I'm off to a pretty good start already and my next ex-boyfriend goes by the name of Gym. Let's hope I can dump him on a too often basis before a whole year goes by!

 Or you can see the whole event as one of my favorite writers did:

"New Year's is a harmless annual institution, of 
no particular use to anybody save as a scapegoat
for promiscuous drunks, and friendly calls and humbug resolutions."  ~Mark Twain

Now....go practice your Boogie Woogie!


  1. Sorry, but I am ecstatic that you kept your resolution. It won't be long at all before you lose any residual craves, and your boogieing days are all ahead of you! I dare you not to censor this! Happy New Year and Happy New Lungs!

  2. pfffttt! Not even close to censor-able! You must try harder, my dear. And thanks. I just HATE giving up things that are bad for me, there are so few left.