Monday, December 21, 2009

A good day for PETA types to skip my blog

Today is the Winter Solstice, which got me up and awake with the excitement of an unwrappable morning under the trees, just waiting for me. Did it seem lighter a smidgen earlier? Where's my wassail?

The morning dawned gentle and still, the air cool enough for no fans, and tea welcome. Cwim jumped on the bed for her regular wake up taps and scratching, her little paws cold from the yard.

Can we say Halcyon?

From last year's lechon post, I will issue the same warning now. Don't say I didn't try!

WARNING!!! Graphic picture of a naked pig! Go no further if you are offended by photographs of naked pigs, or how your meat really looks before it gets to the table! OTHER WARNING!!!! If you are a member of PETA, run away now, and please keep your thoughts to yourself, as I'm a blatant carnivore and not ashamed.

Yesterday I got word that Rob from Dinghy Dock was cooking lachon, under the direction of Norman. I asked if I could take a peek. Watching the pig turn slowly on the spit set up all sorts of wonderful salivatory happenings in my mouth. For the sake of cleanliness, I didn't drool right then and there. I promise!

Unlike the gigantico porkers they cook at El Batey in their big pit, this was a little guy, meaning that it was a get there while it's hot because it will go fast during this season where pig is king.

So if lechon is your idea of a perfect part of the holiday season, there are at least two places to get some! I'm not sure how often they will be making it at Dinghy Dock; Rob said it could be a weekend event through the holidays, so ask if you're interested. The more interest, the more lechon. Easy peasy.

Early early this morning I could hear, far up the road, music and laughter and singing...I kept waiting for it to get closer, but the regular sounds of morning have taken over, cars and trucks and the engines of boats, roosters and banana quits and hummingbirds, interspersed with moments of absolute silence. Another day in Paradox.

Have a momentous Monday. Don't do anything mundane. (And Karen, have a fabulous time in your merrie olde England - do some really Brit Christmasy thing for all of us and we'll be doing exactly as you expect here!)

Flaming with brandy...oh my!


  1. A tiempo para Nochebuena!

    Beautiful Halcyon impression!

  2. Dang, I want some of that there pig!!

  3. I knew you would, Deb!

    More in April, Doug...

  4. I was thinking that the leftovers would make superior Cubanos with some loaves from the Panaderia...