Saturday, December 20, 2008

Lechon isn't quick but this will be

(Christmas yard art at the elementary school...the theme this year is Old Fashioned Christmas)

Big thanks, bro! Just in case this doesn't last, I'll be doing the quickie version of lechon asado. Hopefully I can add titles to the photos and a bit more history later. One knock off we go!

I was going to pull bits and pieces from this article but instead I'll just toss it in whole. Sort of like the pig itself.

WARNING!!! Graphic pictures of a naked pig! Go no further if you are offended by photographs of naked pigs, or how your meat really looks before it gets to the table!
OTHER WARNING!!!! If you are a member of PETA, run away now, and please keep your thoughts to yourself, as I'm a blatant carnivore and not ashamed.

El Batey is one of our very local places, run (except for a brief interlude) by the same family for many years. Their history on Culebra is much bigger than any pig; Digna being one of the pivotal forces in helping get the Navy off of Culebra with its bombing practices...another story for another day. But when woman go out to bombing ranges in little fishing boats...powerful stuff happens!

Rain kept the roast from starting at dawn thirty, a good thing for me because I got to see most of the prep. But the pig cooked faster than expected, so by the time I got back it was already in the kitchen, getting carved for the line of waiting customers. The pictures tell the story.


  1. You are not only a blatant carnivore, but a blessed one as well, if you got to partake. I am always so jealous of the pig-roast stories.

  2. Aren't you here yet? Check at El Batey, I think you can get in on the goods.