Monday, December 29, 2008

Worse than fireworks

I had just finished two things, 1) catching the tail end seconds of magic light time and 2) thinking about Deb's comment about my peace being shattered by holiday fireworks, before the aural assualt started. Thumping, pumping, throbbing bass across the water...oh no, the party house is open!

I love this house, which was built at night due to the laws being broken (too close to water and mangroves), building it right over the water, again. It was a post hurricane wreck and new laws should have kept it from being built. I think they even had to tear it down a couple of times. But weekend nights the hammering would commence and finally it was done and has stayed done. It's even painted in colors I like, which is a considerable thing.

It's the ultimate water house, with the front and side opening up wholly to the water, and a nice dock for the go-fast boats and water toys they keep there. They aren't rude with their boats (at least in this part of the bay), but they are seriously rude with their music. Maybe it's because this sort of music makes me want to rip arms & ears off of bodies (and they say music doesn't incite violence...not true). I can truly use the word despise to describe how I feel about this music and that is without even understanding the words. Luckily. And it's the music of choice each holiday they open the house.

Maybe I'll just retaliate with the cd Chant. My speakers wouldn't make a dent on them, but I'll enjoy the thought of it...unless I take my own advice and hold on to that magic light moment (and maybe decide to let those kids live to see 2009 - the jury is still out).


  1. poor thing.....i know all to well how annoying that is -- especially at night when we old ladies need our beauty sleep (what we can get of it) as much as possible.....I think Chant would be perfect! Maybe running naked up and down your dock praising the moon and other things would work too. :))

  2. Amazingly, they shut down the music early...I think town had to deal with them! Re: the naked thing. Not a bad idea, I could run the whole go-fast boat population right out of the bay!

  3. One of the joys of living in the barrio. . . While I was sick last year, I was prescribed sleeping pills, but I only used them a few times. I brought the rest with me just in case the ear plugs don't work! LOL!