Sunday, December 28, 2008

How do you

photograph beautiful? I've seen a zillion photographs and paintings that knock me out in my soul and they are timeless. But I'm talking about trying to share right now, this minute, when the winds have started to die down, the sun is out, the sky is purest of blues with 80 degrees cooled perfectly.

I could go to the beach and shoot something glorious. I could catch that pesky hummingbird on a brilliant red bud. Maybe children prancing in low surf. A sunset. But it would not catch what is happening this moment, this hour, this perfect time.

All I know lucky am I to have this moment of achingly beautiful. If I knew how to wrap it up and bottle it, or take the photograph that would include the smell of my gardens in the slightly salty air, I'd be, in the bank, a very wealthy woman, because everyone would want to have it...just for a sniff, just for a look, just for the feel of the cool warm air touching skin. Instead, I find my wealth huge with only what I am experiencing, just as my Daddy told me life would be if I looked for the right thing in the right place at the right time, a long, long time ago.

I have this and I'm only sorry I cannot share it fully with you who are not here. Maybe one day they will figure out that transport Star Trek thing and I'll have the landing zone right next the cart and bid you welcome, welcome in!


  1. Give it a minute. When the firecrackers start, the feeling of wealth will disappear quickly. ;-)

  2. Nah...that bank account can't be overdrawn, even with firecrackers!