Saturday, December 27, 2008

Home Day

When I think of today, which is still going on, it just feels like a home day. Not just home the dwelling I live in, but home the place I live in... The sort of day when you know you are in the right place at the right time of your life. Barely past dawn was grey and gloomy but only moments later the sun was out. Christmas winds were, and are, blowing hard. I got to the cart a bit late due to later morning rains but when I settled in the sun was shining and all was well.

Visitors from years past came by, renewing connections. Lots of people who go to the annual Christmas party at Ann's mentioned my absence, caused by, I am now sure, some person kissing me and then telling me how sick they were. The icky sick came on strong mid-Christmas day and no party for me, first time I've missed it in seven years. But not being one to share the ick, better to stay home and know I can party on next year. Note: do NOT kiss anyone if you are sick!!!! Didn't your mother teach you anything?

It was a good day, mellow in a windy, more people than we've had here in awhile sort of way. Finally the sun was beating on my legs and it was time to close. A friend came by mid-closing and we went to chat on the bridge out of the sun. The wind was wildly tunneling through the canal but in a good for conversation way with someone I wanted to catch up with. Then a couple more people came along to talk. Then some visitors wanted hot sauce. Nice! I can stand in the middle of the bridge and still do business...I might do this a little more!

I forgot it was Saturday and went to the PO and the bank, wondering what kind of half holiday it must be and figured I might as well head back to Dinghy Dock for an afternoon cocktail. Good conversations, the reminder that it was Saturday to my wondering why on the PO and bank (duh me) and the thought that Neil's rotisserie chicken (which he's started doing again on weekends..8 bucks for the whole chicken, 5.95 for the plate of chicken, rice and beans, green stuff, a hell of a deal) would be a great dinner (and four more when you eat for one). So, two drinks in, a chicken in hand, I was on my way.

An artist I hugely admire as both an artist and a person, and her make-me-laugh-with-good sarcasm husband gave me a ride home. We got to have a bit of talk time, something we don't usually get, and I was glad, again, to know I have people like this in my world.

So this post is sort of what people tell me a Seinfeld episode is like (not having a television for - a long time) expanded treatise on nothing much but a day of life in my life. I can only hope your ordinary days are as good as mine, because I just feel grace.

The year is ending, a new one beginning oh so soon. Outwardly, it's tough, and I'm not Pollyannish enough to pretend differently. But I am a believer in surviving with joy. If you go to the dark places in life and come up on the other side standing on your feet, you know it will take a lot more than financial down times to sink your boat. And I'm glad for that knowledge. For those whose life has been a chair of bowlies, it's going to be a lot rougher to adjust. But you can! And with joy. If you pay attention, it's the little things that make the difference. And those little things will help you through.


  1. MJ, sorry to hear of "El Munga" getting you down, probably "Viequesitis". Good to hear you back up to speed.


  2. Thanks, Bill. Now we just have to get everyone ELSE who is sick all better...sheesh!