Friday, December 4, 2009

p.s. Biscuits & Gravy - it's true!

I only went down to give Neil some habanaro peppers, really! But there were Mike and Rob, deep into...yes, biscuits and sausage gravy! Now to many that might sound like, so what? But to those of us on Culebra, it is sort of as if I'd stumbled across Juan eating artichokes with drawn butter. Ok, that would be more surprising. But this morning Neil made biscuits and gravy and while I rarely eat breakfast and wouldn't have ordered biscuits and gravy in America more than once every five years, it was a must have.

Country boys at the Dinghy Dock Diner

And they was good (the b & g, I mean)

So good that when Kim came down and said no no to my 'Gotta get you somma these' - I mean the girl is from Tennessee, for pity's sake! - I said, just taste a finger tip of this gravy...she got an order to go. Will there be b & g tomorrow? No clue, but you can't know if you don't go!


  1. please tell Senor Romero that it is required to make this while Phil and i are visiting.

    and i can only imagine your joy!! just imagine if you had artichokes with butter on the side...

  2. Oh dear god...well I'll tell him but as you know, he does what the whims fling to him, so can't promise anything