Friday, December 18, 2009

Free Range Friday...shhh, it's a secret!

I can't tell you what is on the menu for Free Range Friday as I've been sworn to secrecy until afterward, but I promise, I will share later on. In the meantime out of doors called to me so kindly this morning - the air is cool and soft, the sun up, the sky a slightly more than pale blue with a background of birds chitter chattering "Hello! Fabulous day, did you see that flower/pepper/herb/bug down there? Delicious!". Yes, there are clouds on the horizon, but we have to look beyond clouds...most of the time.

I answered the calling. I think I need one of those backpacks that you can sip water from, except I'd fill it with milky, sugared hot tea so I could take photos and sip tea at the same time.

This aloe blossom looks lit up from inside...maybe it is

Port and starboard habs

This big boy has chased the little guy/girl?
around the yard all morning

Bougie bloom

If all my dishes and glasses break, I still have these...

Aloe blossom close and personal

Stay tuned and have a fantastic Friday! Do something frivolous.


  1. so i'm not sure what you don't like about your pictures....they sure look sweet to me.....

  2. The hummer...should have been crystal

  3. As different as black PR hummers are from ruby-throats, the alpha bird behavior is the same. We call ours Vroom.

  4. The habanero picture is fantastic... makes them look good enough to eat.

    Sitting in the snow, dreaming of Culebra,

  5. I'll still be growing them on your return, just ask. Actually, I'm thinking if you have a sunny window, these would grow in a pot indoors...I may be wrong about that - best to ask Pepper Joe, he's the MAN.