Sunday, November 29, 2009

Catch up Sunday

The universe told me if I didn't start posting photos of beautiful things and people that I couldn't take any more photos today. Another way of saying the little things are starting to pile up, as happens when I house/critter sit for any length of, being a beautiful Sunday, here are a few Culebra scenes that made it worth bringing out the camera. Enjoy!*


A pretty intense water spout the other day

Yesterday when the horizon melted

I'm loving my orchids!
Almost all of them are blooming or ready to bloom

Sunset on my way back into town yesterday

And after all of that Nature, there is a little local bit here. This is the parking lot of Susie's, where cats are treated like - well, let me put it this way. I'm never letting my cat know how well these are treated. There is also this weird almost albino rooster who doesn't realize he should be abed. He takes little naps but then continues wandering. Chiqui was quite insistent I get his photo since he's such an aberration.

Chiqui was reading palms of dinner guests...particularly the women, go figure -
when I tried to get him *working* he caught me instead

Have a beautiful, peaceful Sunday. Do something restful.

*Don't forget: you can click on the photos to make them large enough to almost climb into


  1. thanks for bring sexy men, roosters, cats and orchids right into my living room. the sunset one is postcard quality. hint, hint, hint.

    my restful activity today is PACKING for Culebra!! Yipppppppppppeeeeeeeeee. :)