Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hot & humid, no rain so far

Today has been a teaser. Breeze starts to blow, then quits. Sky clouds up, then clears. In a while it will cool off enough to take the dogs for a walk down the road. Hopefully the muddy parts will have dried up so that I don't come back looking like I dipped my feet in milk chocolate. It's not a good look for me.

More and more winter folks are showing up and it's good to see them! Sometimes I almost think my seasons turn more on who is coming and who is going rather than weather. I find, now that it is hot again, that I keep calling it summer, here at the almost end of November. I'm sure one day my brain will mush down to just hoping I remember what season I see all the extra people in. I'll have to go by Christmas decorations (some of which are already appearing, so maybe that's not the best idea).

I went by to talk to Susie for a few minutes. She is spiffing up the restaurant before its seasonal re-opening the day after Thanksgiving. Only Susie can have paint pretty much from head to toe and say "I'm getting excited!" and you know she means it.

It's looking bee youuuu tee full, Susie!

For now, I'll content myself with my home away from home. Playing with dogs is sort of like what people say about, and fun to give them back as well. So very different than cats...most of them anyway. Regardless of the fact that my cat is in a pique once again at my comings and goings....mainly goings. Ah well, she's getting plenty of meal treats to make up for it...

Coolest banister rail ever (I can imagine one like it in an A frame in North Carolina..)

Great view from upstairs - better than it looks here


  1. any particular A frame in NC?

  2. Why yes, the one without the A on it yet (the crowd chants, 'Go Jonny, go!)