Friday, November 20, 2009

Free Range Friday

Switching houses isn't for the faint of heart...especially if one is easily confused and I am. I had bought a few things for cooking and a few things for my own home before leaving town today. For my house it was mainly cat food and some bits for my contribution to our communal Thanksgiving meal (more on that later). Instead of dinner. I got back over to housesitting world with a lot of cat food and nothing to cook for tonight.

So! Will I let that stop me? Of course not! Once again, my brother steps into the breach of rescue, which is why he has the A frame in my heart! Today I got an unexpected package at the PO from him.. I usually open packages he sends right in the PO because the contents are pretty sure to amuse my PO guys and any bystanders that know me. Today was no exception. Free range indeed!

What my brother sent me:

3 good books
2 good magazines
1 coupon booklet that does no good here, but thanks anyway. Anyone need to save 350.00 in coupons, let me know.
1 bag of hazelnuts
1 bottle of rooster sauce (what we call chili garlic sauce or tuong ot toi vietnam) yum!
2 quickie rice packages
2 tins of smoked oysters (I'm tearing up now)
3 tins of chicken salad to go, with crackers - enjoyment yet to be determined
1 package chocolate chip cookie mix, all natural, by a company called Homemade Gourmet who has the motto 'Bring Families Back to the Dinner Table'. Hey, what could go wrong?
1 packet chia seed, with the following instructions:

Directions: Mix 1/3 cups seeds to 2 cups water. 
Whisk wait 15 mins and whisk again. 
Place in fridge 
Take 3 tablespoons 3 times a day of gel

Sounds revolting; maybe the word gel should be...replaced. But I think they'll make great sprouts. Ok, where were we?
1 clothespin
1 solar calculator (which rocks, since the one at the cart died)
1 box of glazier's points - you never know when someone needs a few of those, and I'll have 'em! I can toss a baseball and break a window with a lot less guilt now.
1 very cool crab/lobster trap

A friend happened to stop by the cart while I was pulling out all of my goodies to really see them. She asked why my brother would send me all of this. I can only say, he's my brother! Thanks, sweetie! I love you too.


  1. Jonny, oh Jonny. can i be your sister too? or your girlfriend? or just a friend with side benefits like really, really, really cool care packages? You rock!!!! and is it the Obama or Sarah chia pet? I've seen both advertised. oh, oh, oh. do you see the Michael Pollan book? you are going to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. and he has more books out there!! can you send the hazelnuts please? oh heck, i'm teary now too.

  2. Give a gal a tin of smoked oysters, she'll eat for a day, give a gal a Lobsta Trap, she'll eat for a lifetime...sumptin like that, anyway, happy you enjoyed my lil' surprise Sis, besides, what else would you send to an inhabitant of Paradise? Stuff you ain't got, THATS what!

  3. Would you like to share a spoonful of gel with me?

  4. Oh Laurie! I'm so happy you read it as tearing up rather than t a h ring up! Let me get these hazelnut fragments out of my teeth, there, that's better....