Tuesday, November 3, 2009

High surf - higher voices

We have a high surf advisory until Wednesday, along with small craft warnings. And a 'stay out of the water' warning due to rip tides. Of course, that depends on what beach you are on...anyway, be careful out there! I personally happen to love being at the beach when it is windy and wild. Growing up on the Atlantic, the crashing of waves and pounding of surf on the sand is home music to my ears and soul. Yesterday it was like that at Zoni, even with the sun making it sparkle like the jewel it is. Until a white out swept across to us, blotting out all the islands in sight. Glory!

This is from Playing for Change, the ones who did Stand By Me using the around the world light of music...there are a couple of other new ones as well, but for some reason, this one made me feel really good.

I was going to find out what the lyrics are in English (rather than Hindi), but it doesn't really matter now, does it? Are you smiling? Then go share it with someone and celebrate Tuesday.

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