Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday morning walkabout

Yesterday while walking the dogs, I turned up a road I'd never been on before. I could hear a deer in the woods. Then a few yards farther on, one leapt out of the woods and ran up the road away from me with her white flag of a tail raised high. With another gravity defying jump she was back in the woods and the world was silent, as if a miracle hadn't just occurred.

This morning, oh my! Blue sky! Plants wilty with too much rain are making a come back, the cat is feeling frisky. Maybe it really is late autumn. The sea almonds seems to think so.

Color in the morning sun

Leaf fall (see, we DO have seasons!)

Spinach sprouting, thanks bro!

It's difficult to capture the most delicate green of this orchid...but so it is

A pretty pot of peppers

What the sea brings to me

Have a beauty full Monday. Look for deer - yes, Virginia, even in the city, keep your eyes open

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