Thursday, November 19, 2009

A busy, lucky day

Today, unlike many of my days, is actually almost as full as my dinghy was this morning...where did all of that rain come from???

All I have time to do here this morning is send you a Little Bit O' Luck!

The beautiful ship left the harbour this morning and my camera failed me. I don't even KNOW how to write how this bothered me, but I have to let it go. The water is flat calm, the dawn was approaching and this ship was ghost gliding out to sea. My camera zoom just...balked. I'm including this bad (for every good photo you see here there are usually 10 or more bad ones!) one only to let you use your was silently stunning.

So, the (camera) luck can begin any time now. Have a stunning Thursday.


  1. if you figure out how to harness that camera luck thing, please let me know. My trick is to get the perfect shot, only to figure out i had never changed the camera settings from the last shoot. this is still a great shot. i understand your frustration!!

  2. Ah Laurie...the dreaded E18 error has shown up, but more later on that.

  3. ugh. canon had a problem with that a while back. i thought they had fixed it. it came from dirt and dust in the camera.

    try blowing out all the input holes (USB port, etc.) with compressed air (but a rubber blower works better). Be sure to do this while holding the camera upside down, so the dirt falls out and not back in.

    let me know if that helps.. :(

  4. That problem and I are old's what blew out the other camera. I have done all the me. grrrrrrrr