Thursday, November 12, 2009

Some this and that

It was on this day
in 1954 that Ellis Island officially closed. More than 12 million immigrants had passed through the island since it opened in 1892. Today, about 40 percent of Americans can trace their roots back to Ellis Island.
from The Writer's Almanac

(aren't we lucky?)

If you like words as much as I do, you might enjoy this list as much as I do too. When your descriptive powers have fallen into the chasm of 'it's like...oh, I don't know!' you can pull this list out of your...pocket and never be at a loss again. Don't forget you can click to make the image larger.

This comes from the Wondermark blog which is well worth checking out. Extremely clever and funny guy!

Around Culebra we've been having some crazy weather as troughs and fronts and Ida crack-the-whip with weather tails have converged and swirled and, well, just acted in general like a rally of hobgoblins, meteorologically speaking of course. It has made for some dramatic moments.

From a couple of sunsets ago...

This one strange cloud, fire & ice, made all that color

We waited most of the day (yesterday) for came through about 1 p.m.
and then...that was it, show's over! So it goes

Oh! this isn't related I guess,
if you like a hot buttery white sweet potato
when it is grey and chilly outside. I do.
Which brings us to this morning, when, if you were awake between 4:30 and 5-ish, you got to see a spectacular display of lightning. Things I love about Culebra 4892 - getting an email from twenty minutes to five saying GET UP!!!! to watch the lightning show. I got it later than that, but I was up and glad someone else got to see it too.

With the camera, I got this rather than the lightning...

Dawn on still water

We found out yesterday that we'd lost a beautiful smile on Culebra. Cuchita, you will be missed by many more than your family, who we are keeping in our thoughts and hearts today and for the tomorrows to come.

And another week is almost over on Culebra. Have a full Thursday!

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