Monday, November 16, 2009

Buckets of rain

There is nothing to think about but pounding rain, basso fundo thunder, sharp flashes of lightning and a lifting of darkness.  OH! and with the lifting, just now, a friend with a dinghy on my dock comes out to bail. So, I'd best do the same. In the lightning? Yikes.

Post bail...the rain slowed, the lightning stopped, just long enough for Jack and me to bail out our entirely full of water dinghies. Thank god for a good old Tortola dinghy with floatation built in or we both would have been doing the 'drag it off the bottom and hope the engine cane be purged' dance of curses. The last time I saw a dinghy (that was shared by me) that full was after a hurricane on St Thomas when our hard dinghy sank at the dock.. We didn't want to bring ashore, so we let it sink on purpose, engine safe inside. They do sink if turned upside down a few times ...

Non-caffinated drowned rat syndrome

One would think I'd have enough ego to not put this photo in this post. However, it's so weird and strange, I have to do it. Maybe it's the over 50 Woman Liberated thing, since frankly, I hate photos of myself. At least this one is worthy of hating, making it likable. If someone showed me this photo, I'd pretty much swear it wasn't me. Well, whoever she is, thanks for bailing 9478 gallons of water out of the dinghy!

Jack's fine foul weather gear (minus bucket hat)

I don't know how many foul weather jackets Jack and Francie have between them, but they are all on the boats. It's been a long time since any of us have had to go out in the rain around here. My foul weather jacket had been the home of perhaps generations of lizards and a couple of cockroaches, stuck way back in my closet. I shook it out and tried not to think about it. It is now under a roaring gush of water coming out of my rain gutter, getting de-grossed.

Oh tea is delicious! And the rain...has stopped...for now. Shhhhhhhhhhh. Oops...never mind.


  1. i LOVE that picture of you. It tells an entire story in one picture. and your expression is classic for drowned rat syndrome. Jack's is....well, Jack is Jack. Wow...freaky weather!!! hope everyone is ok! Here's to Over 50 Liberated Women!!

  2. Very freaky...hoping all are okay as well. We've had this much rain before but not for a few years. Hope the visitors out Zoni way know NOT to come in to town until this is over...the road over the cattle pens is the scary bad one still.