Friday, November 13, 2009

Free Range Friday - Brussels sprouts Part Dos - Thanks, Sarah!!

What IS it with Brussels sprouts? I guess it's an Autumn vegetable (which shockingly, I've never noticed before). Suddenly they are turning up every place I look. I subscribe to a few food blogs and they are ALL full of Brussels Sprouts recipes, Brussels roasted, baked, sauteed, pureed. Au gratin, sauce drizzled, naked, buttered with parsley and chives. Even FoodPorn had a photo yesterday, Brussels Sprouts with rosemary, garlic and bacon. It's just plain weird. I feel like I've entered an alternate universe where everyone loves what I don't.

But. I did hear from my daughter Sarah, who suggested keeping it simple, either roasting or sauteing. I chose what I was most comfortable with, sauteing.

I took her advice to slice them thinly, saute some garlic
(I threw in a shallot as well, what could it hurt? It might help mask the taste!).

I couldn't remember if she wrote butter or olive oil,
so I just used a tad of both, maybe...1/2 T each? I knew she'd approve.

When they were nice and transluscent, almost carmelized,

I tossed in the BS's - uh huh - and lowered the heat a bit.

 After about 10 or 12 minutes they were slightly crunchy browned, toothsome
and ready to come off the heat...and eat.

And, I did. Look Sarah, all gone, may I go out and play now? Please?

Ok, I'll never be a big fan of Brussels sprouts. But they weren't in the hateful category, where I had consigned them to their own special foods from hell niche. I'd probably like them even better with a good cheese, like a gruyere, on them. Maybe not.

But! I did it. I did what I told my children to do (and what they all do so much better than I) and took my bites. Now...I don't have to do that again!! And Sarah? Don't try to do this to me with beets, there isn't that much Mama guilt in the whole world! Thanks, bear!


  1. oh. beets, huh? now i know what to get my favorite Island Woman for the holidays. yipppppeeeee! :))) will you cook beets and brussel sprouts for me?

  2. I am with you, beets are gross, but not as bad as cottage cheese--el yucko!

  3. No. Keep it up, girlie, I might not even let you have the last drops of wine.