Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Quickie Wednesday

We returned to normal weather a word, hot. Or maybe it's just me. This morning is flat calm.Today I'll be at the eastern end of the island, looking for dolphin. They've been seen out by Culebrita and I'll be as close to Culebrita as you can get and not be in the water. Of course, if I see them, I might be in the water.

Yesterday was Juan's birthday. If you know Juan, you know his birthday is a big deal to him and we all get to hear about it for months in advance. If you don't know Juan, you've probably seen him and know he's yet another major character on Culebra's stage, in a cast of hundreds. Or 12, I'm not sure. I'm just sure I'm glad he's a part of my world.

Little Lori is back, oh joy! No photo yet but it was great to see her wonderful smile. I'm looking forward to lots of stories and seeing photos from her US/Canada adventures! Vicariously is the only way I'd be riding a bike up into the hinterlands for hundreds of miles. I'll only be jealous of the scenery, the food, the experiences and leave the fun of long distance bike riding to her.

I was sitting in front of Abbie's school the other day and wondering why we don't have more stone walls around here. We sure have the stones for them! I've always used rocks to outline my garden areas in my yard and I'm thinking it might make a good project to try to make a stone and mortar raised bed area this year. How hard can it be? The how-to sounds simple though, which should warn me it won't be anything like. But it sure would look wonderful for the price of a bag of Ready-Mix and some sweat equity.

A garden in Honduras that I must confess stirs up lust in my heart

Don't Forget to Remember Dept. item 427: Chefs for Charity, this Saturday, Bahia Marina. 20.00, starts at 7:30 p.m.

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