Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year's Morning...brandy new day

Who turned the lights on so bright??? After a few days of overcast - some would say gloom but it is so very rare here to have a full day of not sunshiney, I like it when it happens - the sun is out full beam this morning. I think maybe even higher than full beam. It's possible it is my not quite ready for prime time eyes, but I doubt it.

Last night was great fun. I don't know if it was due to the weather or the economy or just the forces that be but it was much more like the New Year's Eves when I first got to Culebra - less crowded, more local.

Except for the freaking explosions in the middle of the street which I hate. And where did those fireworks come from? Wow!

So onward into 2010 we go. Slowly. Which means Free Range Friday may or may not be posted later today. Even the thought of food right this minute is a dangerous thing. Water is life!


  1. Happy New Year, MJ! I agree about the crowds - much more local and more like we remember it from the early years. Very enjoyable!

  2. Sad I missed it, but grateful for the report and pix. We dined at "Robust", a 'small plates' bistro. For New Years they offerered a four course selection each paired with a wine or port. Then, off to see our friends, the local Dead cover band, who rose to the occasion. At midnight I did think about the ferry dock and my friends; how was the music? More Latin jazzy or salsa?

  3. I sent a thought your way at Midnight, Doug and watched a bit of the music for you too. It was a mix of styles and very good. You'd have liked it. Your tapas dinner sounds wonderful! It's all good.