Thursday, January 28, 2010

Did you see Mars (you can look tonight too, you know!)?

Clouds filled the sky and by the time I was done at Susie's (late) there was not much to gaze at. I hope you had a better view. And speaking of...even though this blog is all about how I see the world I don't particularly like focusing on me, oxymoronly enough. But! A few people have been kind enough to act like it's not a surprise to see me suddenly pop up at Susie's, sweaty, my shirt soaked and slightly filthy, having a glass of wine (that would be called my 'shift drink'). I've mentioned that I'm working at Susie's but maybe that's not quite clear, or they don't read the blog or...*sob* I'm just such a non dresser-upper and/or going out at night-er that my disheveled appearance just All of that to say, three nights a week Susie and her brilliant crew put up with me in the kitchen doing the odd and sundry, to encourage the economy of Culebra (ie: mine) and oh, did I mention this blog is about ME? I'm so fortunate to have friends who think I might have something of value to add to their business, beside my own, so sweaty or not, there I am.

And, speaking of part marks the two year anniversary of Susie's Restaurant. Of COURSE there is going to be a party! And because I am not working tonight I get to be a party go-er. First, I'll be hitting Dinghy Dock where it's BYOB and the Thursday night fun time, with, hopefully, music (David and Grady). That's the earlier part of the evening. Then I/we (I figure I'll have run into some fellow wanderers by then) will head over to Susie's, where the Sons of Culebra will be playing, great food will be happening and dancing wouldn't surprise me (ok, my dancing might surprise a few but that's something else!)

Here are some early days photos...

Deep into the creation

Karen, painting

Mike, making everything work - again

Linda painting outside

The garage 

Ay yi yi are we ever going to finish?

The work crew rests
(click to see last year's party pics)

So come out and celebrate Year Two/Dos Ano with Susie! See you tonight.