Friday, January 29, 2010

A Culebra Day and Night part lll (the end)

We started at Dinghy Dock

Kathy's son Keito and his girlfriend

Moon glory

Mike's beard in the wind

David, Susan and Mike

Kathy and Lisa with wind held hair

John and Doug

Laurie, Neil and John

My last EVER attempt at singing in public, I swear it

Don't ask don't tell

We made our way over to Susie's...

Linda, Ann and Judy

Ramon and Rosie

Carlos being really happy (which is why I took the photo)

Me and Gail

Son d' Culebra band (NOT Sons of Culebra, my oopsy!)

Dancing the night away

More dancing

and still more dancing...

Susie and her Diva glass, wrapping up another year of food, work and fun!

All in all, an excellent day on Culebra, and we got to see Federico (his European name) the flamingo too!!! What else could a day have?? To ask for more would be greedy in the extreme and no worries, because...we always have manana.


  1. Y'all need to learn to let loose and have fun...

  2. Fun, fun, fun! It's good to see Neil out and about, and I LOVE the picture of Carlos!

  3. Debbie, it was great fun! Sorry you missed it; maybe next year?