Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Perigee Wolf Moon

First, thanks to Zulayma for making a public note about watching the perigee Wolf Moon rise from Zoni.  It was a beautiful spot to watch an utterly stunning show from the universe straight to our shore door.

Out of the horizon haze she appeared full grown

How small is my boat (and island and world) 
while still being everything to me

Bounced sunset

Fuzzy, but I love this shot that somehow grabbed so much color

As the lights came on on St. Thomas...

Zoni was so crowded!
(The other four people were tucked into the tree line)

Mars doing her dance with the Moon

A awe filled reminder of our place in the world...I'm glad mine was filled with a few of the people I enjoy so much (so that I didn't have to howl out loud).


  1. just aimin' to please. howling is good for the soul. Swiss Johanna and I had a tradition of howling at the full ones....had to do it.

  2. We dodged a blizzard last night, but the cloud cover robbed us of the view. Thanks for sharing yours! Stunning shots of magic light. AaaaaooOOOOOOOOOOO!

  3. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing - no moon in the cloudy ATL last night. Thankfully, no snow or ice either!

  4. We've had a sunny/cloudy mix today, hopefully it will be clear tonight. I'm working at Susie's and will be walking AWAY from the moon rise to town, so I guess I'll just have to walk backwards (at least no one here will think that's too strange). Hope you have clear skies tonight!

  5. The peach colored orb was peeking through the bare tree branches as we entered the meeting hall for our Haiti benefit trivia tournament, last night. I started the howling, and was quickly joined by my bacchanal brothers and sisters. The theme was James Bond, but the vibe was lycanthropic!

  6. Hey....Bond is the wolfiest!