Friday, July 14, 2017

Free Range Friday ~ Culebra

The weather has been pretty typically summery around here lately. Disturbed with tropical waves, downpours and today the sun working to shine through the mist/dust. Breeziness to cut the humidity, clouds to keep it less than terribly hot, it's definitely on the upside of good days here for the summer. 

The moon still hanging around at 8 a.m. ish
Nope, not crystal clear but another kind of magic
This is a pretty normal look for this time of year. Keep your eyes on the East!

Every time I see this painted rock it is with amused bemusement. Who sees a rock and gets this from it and then actually paints it? I've seen rocks that are shaped like everything from bears to profiles, but the idea of painting in a 3 dimensional way is not in my skill set. I'm glad it's in the set of whoever did this one! 

Do I want to see every rock painted? No I do not!
But a little subtle whimsy along the way? Oh yes.
You can't really tell from this photo but the mustache is a glittery silver.
With some brush cleared out, this view opened up along the road
Someone has some really long arms.
And since Free Range Friday should include some food and I'm not cooking much, I'll bring back a summer oldie. It was brought to mind by a website I get updates from on most days, called Canal House Cooks Lunch. I pretty much eat lunch with them every day in my imagination and my daughter Sarah and I send them back and forth to each other, with appropriate amounts of drool included. Sarah's last response to the latest I sent was 'I hate them.' She doesn't, but I get it. They are clever writers - each post is only about a 30 second read - and brilliant chefs, in a very cool part of the country. Shhhh!

Lately they've been doing summer salads, but not your usual take on a summer salad. Except yesterday when they did duck. Yeah, I hate them too.

This was mainly made because I'd grown the tomatoes.

And the basil too. 
Have a finely fused Friday. Do something frankly.

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