Thursday, February 23, 2017

February Time Flying

February is the shortest month but I'd be hard pressed to think of a month more full and seemingly very long lasting. Beside having my brother and daughter Sarah here at the beginning (seems like a year ago now!), my son and his family are still around, right now over on the big island enjoying the wonders of the rain forest, mountains and other beaches. And that was just for starters.

The wonderful yearly event of the Friends of Culebra auction was a great success. For awhile there, that new big space seemed like it would look a bit bare of people but it was just Culebra time at work. Soon the chairs were almost all full of supporters of FCA, looking for fun things to add to their lives. From food to art to cutting boards, gorgeous throws, an antique ship light, was all there. 

John takes it away

Daphne and Olivia beat out Vanna White any day
(those girls work hard!)

Bids flew around like birds

And so did Daphne

Louis and his version of Cats

There was SO much good food, and plenty of it
Decisions, decisions!

Robert was there with beer up for auction and fun stuff from
Lagunita's. I'm loving the springy coolie and glass.
Clean up time went fast! 
I was supposed to go to Culebrita with the family but my back said 'Stay home!' so I missed out on a sharing those photos. But a good time was had by all. Another day...

I did make it to Molly's party with family in tow. What I thought was going to be a few people and a couple of music makers turned out to be a mini-concert, with lots of folks. Between visitors and live here's musical abilities, we rocked the night (read, the players and the appreciators both).

You ever notice that wherever people gather on Culebra,
there is always amazing food? It's true!

Baby dancing

O took advantage of the pool. I think a few of us were tempted to join in.

Tambourine on!

Chuck did a fine version of El Paso
(and remembers all the words!)
Along the way and in-between.

This boat was there one minute and gone the next

O enjoying life on the stern

The clarity yesterday was brilliant

So long, y'all! See you Friday.
And now, it's back to laundry. Hooray for wifi that is faster than our old dial up connections.

Have a thrilling Thursday. Do something tantamount. 

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