Tuesday, February 7, 2017

I'm So Full!!

Take a bunch of people (who happen to be related)who love good food and set them loose on Culebra. Hide scales.

In between is a lot of porch time and beach time. It's like being on holiday at home. That works.

My family loves good food. We love to go out for good food. We also love to cook. There's been a lot of both going on up here on the hill and, not unlike a night of being over served, I'm starting to think maybe never eating again is in order.

Lechon from those guys. Churrasco from Milka's. Lamb from the big island. Spaghetti because there was still beef from the burgers one night. 

We hit Dinghy Dock en masse on Super Bowl Sunday, fish and steaks and much more that I can't remember. What I do remember was Sarah and Ouasha proudly telling me they ate the fish eyes (tastes like chicken liver, according to Sarah). I think that could help with my temporary food ban.

Perusing the menu

Extended family

Don't ask don't tell

Gil wins another fan

Some island drive arounds.

Over here! Over there!
Susie's was excellent as ever. Thanks to all the great people who handled our movable feast.

This was not a selfie. Thanks to our server, sorry we didn't stay still!

"____________" - Jonny

Inadvertent Jacinto butt photo while capturing massive amounts of incredible food.

O getting a lesson in the fine art of corkage.
There really are more beach photos but this is the best I can do for now. Family time is filling!

Have a take it to the top Tuesday. Do something throughly.

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