Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Hello, So Long, Splash! Repeat.

Sarah finally got better and headed back to California, where crazy rains are ending the drought in a major way. She arrived home safe and sound, to find home safe and sound, so that's the good thing. 

A last bit of baby play time. They'll see each other again in a couple of weeks but things change fast with a baby! Psst, Sarah, she's crawling now!

Yes, I am the happiest baby!

Oh Auntie Sarah!
She got to sit in the babe seat. Of course.
 We waited until the plane taxied and flew away.

Because that's what we do.

So long, Sarah! Until next time.
Dropped off at the beach, friends and I did the chairs and umbrella thing. A new quiet way to be at the beach and for a switch, I recommend it. Shade, breeze and comfort, books and beverages. It was pretty much perfect.

The next morning it was looking like an excellent day to get some water for the boat. The easiest way is by dinghy. Fill the bottles up right in the dinghy, save lifting them more than once. It's not a bad little ritual, and if you have to haul water (and I do, until the rain catcher time happens), this is a pretty nice road to drive.

It was glassy low tide

I have to say I was pretty surprised how very shallow it is in areas I didn't know about. The water was gin clear, I'd been thinking I was in maybe six or more feet of water. Not! I'd say something about, so far, not going aground somewhere I shouldn't be, but we don't say that.

Coming in the 'wrong way'

Heading back out. Glad I was wearing a hat!
Later the last family standing came out to Grandma's house to swim in the pool.

Little Mermaid

Everybody in the pool!

No sunbathing on the deck when your skin is so brand new!

Ah, the sun and water takes it out of a girl
Friends from the cold country are dwindling. Today it was Linda's turn for heading out into the friendly skies. Luckily the cafe was open and oh my, seriously delicious coffee!

We'll miss you until the next time, dear friend!
I don't know why we were laughing but it usually happens pretty easily.
Onward into this Valentine's Day. Coupled or single, there is plenty of love to go around. Share the wealth!

Have a thankful Tuesday. Do something thrivingly tender.

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