Saturday, February 4, 2017

Enchanted Island

Far too long away, once again, trapped in the still unresolved world of bad connections. So once again, this is a time of catching up until the now. Groundhog's Day came and went, Francie and Little Pat have come and gone, along with Sue and Tuck, Susie's 8th Anniversary party happened, family has arrived and the weather is changing, Spring days moving a pace toward us. Or we toward them. Either way, time goes on. Yes it does.

Francie and Pat's farewell party at Zaco's

Because kittens are cute

Until next time!
(we were really laughing about a video of some Janis Joplin
singing and dancing at The Spot from the night before.

Congratulations, Susie! 8 years!

Some sidewalk dancing
Inbetween eating and laughing and general carrying on while catching up, the quiet life continues.

And then there was family. Some in my family haven't seen each other in years, with busy lives and long distances between us. We're missing Michelle, Sloane and Grayson but next time! They are with us in spirit.

Hello, Elijah, Allie, O and baby!

And then Sarah was in on the next flight.
Time to start herding cats.

It's like summertime for them, here on Culebra

Because she's just too cute.

O thought we'd never get to the beach, but we did!

Dinner time! Elijah made a great one, including some amazing tostones.

Belly up to the table, baby!

Then, there was Uncle Jonny, on the way!

Nice landing!

Hi, Jonny!

Sarah and Jonny reunite

Jonny meets his grandniece
Yes! Back at the beach again!

"I love it here, it's like another country!" O
Everybody in the pool!

Baby steps
I finally put down the camera and came in.
"My whole family is in the ocean!" O

Here's how we do this.

Buddha baby beachin' it
Dinner would come but for now, baby decided it was time to make another move toward crawling. 

Enough cuteness with your coffee. Time to move this adventure to the next level.

Have a serene Saturday. Do something saturating. 

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