Monday, January 23, 2017

Once Around an Island

Yesterday was Sunday Funday at its best around here. Friends came by and picked me up off of the houseboat to take a little sea spin. I had no idea we would be doing a Culebra circumnavigation but that is just what happened. The sun was shining, the clouds were drifting along gently as we set out, getting a wonderful reminder of how incredibly beautiful is this place I call home.

I love this boat!

This classic beauty was coming in as we were heading out

Hello, St. Thomas!

Just a little place

The clouds were gorgeous

Lava, baby!

The geology of Culebra is varied and fascinating

I missed the exact moment these two sailboats on either side of this islet
looked like the hats worn by the flying monkeys in The Wizard of Oz. 

I noticed the line. Ann denoted the pyramid of Culebra.
I don't know where the door is.

This plane flew over us a couple of times.
If you were outside around here, you probably saw it,
huge, gray, low.

Hello, big island!

Hello, Vieques!

Kayaking snorkelers. I hope they all saw beautiful things,
stepped on no corals and fed no turtles. 

I've never seen so many boats in this harbor. Party time!

Love these rock formations

And these too.

We came in right behind Buddy John, who built and
sails one of the prettiest and fastest trimiran's ever. 
 After being dropped back at the houseboat, I jumped stepped into my dinghy and headed to town. A brief stop at Dinghy Dock and we were off again, to see friends at an end of the island we'd gone by in the boat only a little more than an hour before.

This may be a common sight, but I've never seen so many pomegranates
on a tree before. They look beautiful but I forgot to take one home to taste it.
Word is, they are as delicious as they are beautiful.

Are these the same two sailboats we saw earlier?
I don't think so but they looked very serene, gently going down the way.
Bidding adieus, we headed back to a good porch for watching the sunset. We missed the actual 'set' but we caught a whole lot of beauty.

At last it was good night to Sunday Funday.
Yes, there is grimness in the world, But there is also a lot of beauty and peace to be found. It all needs to be interwoven because people with their heads exploding is not pretty. I'm very thankful to have had the day I had yesterday, with good friends, doing good things.

Off my bucket list is my first trip from town back to the houseboat in the dark. The universe continues its kindness, with literally glass like waters. Without the moon it was dark and the flashlight needed a few hundred more lumens to be much use, but the possible obstacles were firmly in place in my head and nobody moved the chess pieces. Going about as slow as possible just in case I was wrong was not a bother at all; the stars were spilling out all over the sky, winking and blinking and mesmerizing, the water so still they were reflected on its surface. 

Home. That's a good word.

Have a make it all matter Monday. Do something mile-stone like.


  1. Wow! What a Funday Sunday. Our first trip to Culebra 11 years ago, Butch, Casa Ensenada, gave me a lesson on the lava and how the big round rocks got on Culebra. Pomegranates grow on Culebra? I love them, messy but delicious. I've always wanted to do a circumnavigation of Culebra, this may be the year. I enjoyed this post, getting excited. 37 days.

  2. Congrats on this great collection of moments.

  3. Thanks for the photos MJ. Helps me endure the Boone NC winters. We'll be headed your way next week.