Sunday, January 22, 2017

What Happened Next?

Hooray, a connection! Quite a bit has happened since last being able to get on this extraordinary machine reaching out to the cosmos. An inauguration, women's marches all over the world speaking out for rights and against wrongs (and as extraordinary as it all was, may this be the figurehead event for every day choices and actions), the transition from holiday crowds to the mellow lull of long standing winter friends and 'live here' folks catching up on our lives together and apart. 

A gathering of happy oldies
(photo credit: Alicia Moore)

Having some great apps at Seabourne

Nice to be able to cross the street and have ceviche and truffle fries.
And incredible lobster dip. And...

Another gathering of the ladies
The wind finally abated and has left us with glassy still mornings, a very dramatic change. I could finally unanchored all the things that were blowing around inside the houseboat. Soft breezy late mornings and afternoons with amazing clarity. Did you see St. Croix? Nope, but I saw the top of El Junque! 

While we might have qualified as having the smallest Woman's March anywhere in the world, march we did. 

Digna and Benjamin spoke; old hands at realizing the power of a handful
over the Goliaths in the world.

Maybe the smallest but maybe the most beautiful geographically!
A few of us retired to a town porch for chat and laughter. Too much serious angst, even for the best of purposes, needs balance. The canal show is always a good one.

Hello friends and families!!
I read a comment today where a woman said this "Imagine with me if you will, what an amazing day of change it could have been today, if all the protesters had rallied together and instead of marching volunteered to help those in need. Imagine, a project where children were clothed, animals protected, forests replanted, music & instruments were donated to the underserved... why, there is so much need I could go on & on. Imagine if the time, money & resources for these rallies had been directed toward doing good deeds in the name of your cause. Now that would have been "Real Change"." 

My response is that both are valid expressions of beliefs, but it is a great reminder that both are needed. One day of expressing unity is an incredible, beautiful thing. Every day expressing compassion and putting belief into positive action binds those cords of heart truth steel ever stronger. Talk the talk, live the walk.

Have a scrumptious Sunday! Do something soothing. 


  1. very good..! here in sarasota, we had over 10,000 marchers with great energy and i've never seen women so fired up... there's a train heading toward trumple this skin but he's oblivious..up in st pete, they had 20,000 marchers..!! over half a million in D.C. which they say was three times what trump had for his inauguration on 2 bibles and his pitifully sophomoric speech..

    1. correction... Trumple-Thin-Skin..!!

    2. It was a beautiful and energizing day, all over the world. But there is work to do ecery day and we need to keep the pressure on and the Truth in the forefront. Glad to hear about excellent turn out there. Hopefully we can show the rest of the world that not every American supports his shaming ignorance.