Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Back to the Ship!

If you've lived on or traveled the islands much, you've heard the cry "Back to the ship!" along the main streets of the bigger island towns, calling shop-weary cruise ship passengers to taxis, to those little boats,  a clarion call that their journey is moving on.

For me it means another housesitting gig is over, another vicarious pet will do the happy dance on her owner's return. As usual, this has been a great time for me, different views, wandering space, amenities of the first world in abundance. 

But home is home and a fine place to be. My 'ship' is not temporary, it is home. It is knowing where to reach in the dark for the light switch, the comfort of tossing around a thing or three, and being pretty sure of what is in the cupboard. 

This time my cupboard will have a new addition. Thanks, Abe and Sue, who sent me some Old Bay seasoning after reading my crab cakes post! My next batch will be perfect now (plus, I just like to use it as a seasoning on other foods, it smells like my childhood). 

Thanks and thanks! 
One amenity (of a few) that I can't get (yet) on the boat is speedy internet. In posting a blog with lots of photos, it is a priceless boon - and I mean that. I don't know if there is a price I could pay to get a great connection out there. That I get any connection has surprised more than a few and I'm grateful, but it can also just disappear. There ya go.

So here's a recap of the holiday so far; Three Kings Day is still to come.

Why I keep being surprised when I hear the gobbles, I can't explain.

This view is almost a pure perfect winter day.

The hibiscus blooming here have been a daily pleasure

I so hope this pig can be contained. 

The orchids are doing well 

Islands in the sky

Lots of glorious rainbows!

This color is much more of a bronzy gold in reality.
Very different, very beautiful

Because it's fun to say frangipani

Oh! The Christmas parade!

Gotta get a Bloody Mary from Fede next. He makes the best!

I'm not sure what was more crooked, the view or me

A trip back to the boat mid-way through.
So much wind! So much beauty.

Framed dawn

Leftover NYE debris.
The grapes we (okay, me, since I was hostess)
forgot to eat at midnight. Can't imagine why.

Egrets at the airport

Yet another stunning dawn

And today's dawn. Last one from this view for now.

I hope you were awake early to see the sky today. I saw a number of photos from around the country where it was a really scrumptious dawn and sunrise. Of course, it's not 10 degrees here, so going out to see it is a lot easier. Indeed.

No matter how your seasons and reasons change, keep an eye on the beauty.

Have a weatherproof Wednesday. Do something winsome.


  1. Just found a NEW use for Old Bay seasoning, and it's delicious!They coat the French Fries with it at "Groupers" Tiki bar in Port Charlotte, Florida, everything else is good there too!

    1. Ooooohhhhh!! That sparks a lot of ideas! Thanks! There are some good spots to eat in Port time!

  2. Gorgeous photos! That's an intimidating looking pig. I hope that white on its mouth is drool from a sow and not tusks on a boar. Remind me when I get there to tell you the story about castrating my father-in-laws baby piglets while my brother-in-law kept the mother sow at bay with a wooden pallet as a shield and a big stick as a sword. I was much younger then.

    1. It is supposedly a very nice pig but quite the escape artist and pretty troublesome for the owner and worried neighbors. I'll try to remember to ask for what sounds like an excellent story!

  3. beautiful pictures..!!! your next call will perhaps be "Back to the Sit..!" the beautiful shot of dawn to the east must be st thomas under the sun..?? is that right..? i see why you love culebra. it reminds me of what st john was more like at one time.........moving there over 10 years ago for you was a brilliant move..!

    1. Back to the Sit, I like it. I can see why you might think STT but it is still Culebra, just a different vantage point. And yes, no regrets on relocating from STX, another beautiful island with some awesome people but changed too much for me.