Saturday, December 31, 2016

In With the New (2017 finally!), Out With the Old (some not so bad)

New Year's Eve, or Old Year's Night as they say over on Jost, is upon us. I could say a whole lot here but I'll spare you, mostly of what you already know. There was good, there was bad, there was joy and there was sorrow. Hopefully your balance sheet ended up more on the good side and if not, my hopes are starting for you and me at 12:01 2017.

My big joy this year, Iko Buddha Baby Rey
(photo by Mom Alliena, thanks!)
Last night we hit town early (and left early, by Culebra night life standards). It was quiet and fun and just enough celebration that skipping tonight will be just fine. 

The first stop was Dinghy Dock, where Molly was serenading the bar.
Hilariously and in full operatic mode.
The city dock is full!

The new thing in tenders for BIG boats are these giant RIBs.
If you have 6 figures to spend on a dinghy, you can have one too.
We headed down to the ferry dock to hear the children sing. Waiting for the ferry to clear out gave us enough time to chat with these guys, who are dealers for these very cool looking electric bikes. They go about 18 mph, around 30 miles on a 2 hour charge and cost 1300.00. I think that's right. I don't know how you get in touch with them, sorry!

Then the singing began. The kids were GREAT! and funny too. 

She was wonderful, solo-ing and leading the kids in the chorus.

Talk about skirt swishing!!! And this little boy was priceless.
The singing was over, it was time for a slice of pizza and a libation. Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo of the GIANT slice (mine with jalapeños (no anchovies but I'll bring some next time) Linda's with sausage, both with lots of cheese, both really delicious. The place was slammed but no one was complaining. It was well worth the wait. Good job, servers and cooks!

The libation was next door, at the Spot, with Fede.

This is the not X-rated version of this photo.
Once again I was reminded that despite some of the too many hard things this year, there is a constant in my life of amazingly good friends and incredible beauty if I take both heart and eyes to see. And just like last year (almost), this year I know I will choose again and again to hold on the the steel cable lifeline of those things when the ground seems to be swept from under my feet. And that's a very fine thing. 

Signed, The Luckiest Woman in the World.

Have a stay steadfast Saturday. Do something semi-terrestrial.