Friday, December 2, 2016

Free Range Friday ~ Culebra

When I first started doing Free Range Fridays, a hodgepodge catch-all but mainly about cooking and food, it was because of something really simple. I like good food! Even after being in the States for almost six months, I still couldn't help buying things not to be had at home, the cheeses, the variety of vegetables, the availability of sustainably raised meat producers. How long would it take to get used to that? Until I fit in NONE of my clothes, instead of only half, like right now? There would have to be a serious re-prioritizing of what could be had and what should be had. 

This is from a few years ago, in Michigan. These damn stores are everywhere!
Luckily, I don't plan on that being an issue anytime soon and with some  work, my clothes should all fit again in less time than it took to outgrow them. But I know it will take my face awhile to not think back with longing while staring into the local shelves. This is the time of year I think, I should open a shop on...NO NONONO.

So why go on about it? Because Tuesday, at the veggie market, there was some really pretty food and I happily indulged, making myself resist the cheeses in the cooler. Maybe it was the weather, or the company or the goods themselves but there was what I wanted to make a simple veggie stir fry, something that was already pleasing my eye and would please my belly too. 

All from the veggie market except the garlic, because Cheli's had garlic
from Spain, not China
When cooking for one person, buying ingredients that have a) a very short shelf life and b) cost more per pound than I want to think about, it works out to be an economical meal proportionally. 


Oops! Forgot to show the leeks before cleaning and cutting them.
They were way too pretty to resist.
All told, I figure this cost about  nine dollars and made three meals. Truthfully, I was over it by the second go round, but if I'd chosen (and if I could find it/them), I could have added a lot of different ingredients to change this up big time. 

How could they be resisted? And why?
Unless you hate mushrooms, which I don't.

A getting too full skillet

Oops! Way too full! But in tossing, only a few bits went overboard
I have this very bad habit of getting full when I'm cooking. To the point that often, by the time the meal is ready, I'm not ready anymore. So once this was in a bowl, the brilliant green of the pea pods had faded, though the taste and texture wasn't affected; they were still crisp. But if you are serving this to guests, your timing should work out that the second they've gone this green, everything should be in place to put it on the table within a couple of minutes. Have your rice ready, table set,  beverages good to go and no slacker guests!

Buen provecho!!

Have a fetching Friday. Do something flameproof. 

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