Saturday, December 3, 2016

Oh So Culebra!

You know how you're finishing a really good book (a real book) and you  just keep turning the pages, not to find a prequel to whatever was written next - which I hate, by the way - but for acknowledgements, which should be at the end of a book, in my opinion, but just a tiny bit more, a 'but I don't want you to end!!' bit more, even as the blank end pages are staring at you? (Can you say run on sentence?) I had that happen this morning, but I DID get more. Much more.

I have no idea who owned this book; I found it at the library in the 'free but please make a donation' shelves (and please DO make a donation, our library is a gem!), or if the lister / artist owned the book at all before adding such a great list. How good it is when tourists/visitors come to Culebra and get out there. 

I want much to believe this wasn't a coral trampling, jet ski riding, feeder of dog food to turtles sort of tourist, but a leave no footprints taking only your memories sort instead. The sort who don't litter, who don't act rudely when having to wait or finding out we don't have fill-in-the-blank(s). What a joyful way to start the daylight hours!

This was from the other day but it is also such a Culebra thing
I had to toss it in. Thanks, Neil and all who followed keeping
these fish happy for our pleasure and theirs too.
Yesterday was a trip to the big island. I hadn't been on the ferry in ages so hadn't seen the weirdness of the ferry terminal in Fajardo. My my, we do love our fences when the infrastructure starts to crumble (or not, apparently the investigation of the actual terminal foundation is ongoing). I didn't take photos because I don't really want to look at it, so you'll have to see it for yourselves. Or not. 

What I looked at on the way to the ferry made me much happier. As always.

It would be a grand thing to have one of these paintings. Or maybe just have the whole houseboat painted in similar scenes. There's a thought. 

Have a salty Saturday. Do something seaworthy.


  1. Houseboat of murals...I love the idea! I know what you mean about that sad/more feeling at the end of a great book. I had that happen recently. Jim Harrison, one of my favorite authors, passed away soon after publishing his last book. I finished ready his book before he passed. I was like, 'damnit, just one more, please'. Then Leonard Cohen, songwriter, but poet first, crossing the bridge after releasing a wonderful collection of poems set to music. Oh my, I must be getting old(er).

    1. I hate it when favorite authors die. Or when I discover a great author and find out he's/she's dead. Then I have to find ALL of their books! Sigh...lots of loss of famous and not at all famous awesome people this year. Maybe it's getting older, maybe it's just the life cycle in way too high a gear.