Saturday, December 24, 2016

Culebra Randomness

As we get closer to the end of this year, it seemed a good time to tidy up a bit. 

Yesterday I decided a walk was in order. I like this neighborhood and there is always something interesting to see. There was no searching; this guy was waiting close by outside the gate.

I went back inside to get my phone and see if I could find who this rather intimidating pig might belong to, but by the time I came back he'd moved along. If you're missing a pig...I have no idea where he is now.

Places to go, people to see.
After that, everything looked pretty normal.

The other day I was going to be way too early for a meeting so a drive around to some familiar but not seen in awhile places was an excellent time filler. 

Just another beautiful winter day in Paradox
 Well, that didn't take long. Farther along was needed. 

Yes, it really is a great place to take a photo.
But pull up and over as far as you can!
Is there a farm theme going on here?

This row of brilliant bougainvilleas are always a smile making sight, even when needing a bit of a road side trim.

I left out the photo of the American Kestral who flew across the road in front of me, with a baby iguana in its beak. A quick landing in the brush only gave me a fuzzy photo and maybe a little too much of Nature at work. But it was pretty interesting. The iguana was almost as big as the bird, length wise. 

Some beautiful orchids

I'd never been to the new location for Krusty Krab. In fact, I've not been up that hill in years. Homes I never saw before and then the brilliantly placed location itself. Looking back, I should have tried to get a photo of the whole place but the view drew me like a magnet. How could it not? Guess I'll just have to go back!

Lots of people there, including some old friends.
Great to see you, Sandra!!!
The menu is a simple one, heavy on fish and everything good. It's BYOB and if you bring wine, bring along a corkscrew as well, as the one they have was about the only flaw found. There was a long wait but everyone seemed happy and content. Between the view and good company,  it wasn't bad. But if you go up there pretty sure you'll be starving? Maybe have some appetizers at home before you head out.

We also ran into some friends who had just come from the beach who'd ordered ahead for take home dinners. 

Red snapper

King fish (I could only eat half of this, it was big
(and will be a great lunch today)
This morning, out of a blue sky, came a steady but very light rain. The sun was back out in a minute, bringing an amazing double rainbow. You can't really see the double here unless you peer closely, but it's there.

There now. On this Christmas Eve and first day of Chanukah, enjoy your celebrations. If you don't have religious feelings, just enjoy the season with gifts of kindness and love. 

Light and light

Have a scintillating Saturday. Do something seasonable.

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