Monday, December 26, 2016

Happy Boxing Day 2016! (photo heavy, fair warning!)

Because I've given all of my servants the day off, this might end up being short. I've got wood to chop, yarn to spin, water to draw and must find someone to get the knot out of my corset laces. I can barely breathe.

Or, it may just be a tighter waistband after yesterday's Christmas party at Flamenco. There were wonderful feasts going on all over the island, with a lot of love and laughter being passed around. 

Perfectly cooked turkey.
If I praise white meat on a bird? It's good!

It was a pretty close to perfect day.

Staggered eating, people kept showing up with more food
It sort of felt like the miracle of the oil lamps of Chanukah.

Chocolate chip cookies!
'Better than Oreos' lived up to the hype

Molly serenaded their arrival

And no one was arrested!

This little sweetie taught me some simple words in Danish.
Sand sounds like sand. With a t. Sort of. When she said it.

She also made me a little present of tree bits and bobs, but it kept falling apart. I, of course, would have tried to fix it, with glue if necessary, because I was so charmed. She, in all practicality, tossed it away on the sand after the fourth fail. 

With the parade still to come, a brief nap seemed like a really good idea. And it was, even if sleep wasn't a part of a little rest time. It's a pretty sure bet that the parade will be late. Sometimes really late. I wanted to be daisy fresh. Ok, that sounds like an ad for a toilet bowl cleaner or some other intimate hygienic product. Let's move on.

How the Parade Started Early for Me 

I decided to walk into town from housesitting hill. Parking would be a nightmare and the potential of being over-served is always out there.

I hadn't even reached the main road when the big flatbed truck, with Tomas aboard, came by. I wanted to be on that truck and when Tomas reached out a hand and pulled me on, I finally got to ride on a float. That was actually never on any bucket list of mine, but the appeal was absolutely obvious. Music played. I waved like a queen. It was awesome.

Yes!! I'm sort of almost running!

Finishing touches were being put on vehicles all over town

Tomas announcing my Queenship (not really)

The big staging took place on the road by the airport. 

Two adorable elves

Yes, that's a real goat

Helping some seriously costumed parade participants reach the ground safely

It became obvious that my float...wasn't mine anymore.

These two totally intrigued me

I decided to walk back to town, and luckily didn't have to walk at all. Thanks for the ride, guy I didn't know.

People were already lining the street, finding their favorite spot, but it would be awhile before the parade showed up. No worries, more friend and family time!

Then the secret signal happened, and here came the first float.

I thought I'd have just enough time to get a drink from Fede.
Thanks for the homemade coozy, amigo!

Is this one of those things that has always been there and I never noticed it?
Very nice!

Hello! Let the games begin!

My favorite merpeople

And a fine Jack Sparrow (nothing on Jack Parrett, but hey, I'm not complaining!)

'So, what's with the same dress thing?'
'Nothing really, we just each have one and decided to wear them'
The smiles they are wearing look equally great on them.

It's always good to see Liz.
I think there might have been a small earthquake,
both of us out at night at the same time!

Pick your character, any character. I'm pretty sure they were there.

It's incredible how winsome a hand gesture can make a character.

Maybe my favorite moment of the whole parade.
With many runners-up.

"Work hard. Dream big." What a great motto to live by!

There were even mocko jumbies! Bad me, I don't know what the Spanish name is for these stilt walkers, regardless, they were great and a big hit with the crowd.

They were moving fast!

Away in a manger
I don't really understand the characters thing but they were a lot of fun and a good time was being had by all. But I had a 4 legged friend to check up on. It had been a long day and heading for the barn was an easy choice. 

I do understand Boxing Day. As with many holidays, it's changed much over the years but within its original meaning, I find comfort and joy. You can read about it here. And while this sentence in the article won't tell you much, it will tell you my plans for the day (with a tee shirt rather than a sweater): It’s a holiday best spent lounging around in brightly colored sweaters, wondering, lazily and lethargically, what to do next.

Have a Boxing Day Monday. Do something magically meaningful. Or not.


  1. Enjoyed reading thanks!

  2. Stilts in Spanish is Zancos and the people on them are called zanqueros...Great blog overall!