Thursday, December 22, 2016

Do You Feel It?

After what seemed like a long stretch of wild winds, squalls, weather changing on Mario Andretti like 3 point turns, we're back to the weather we all wait so long for. It doesn't matter if one lives here or is a visitor, winter in the Caribbean is like getting daily blessings. Unsweat time.

With the Winter Solstice only a day behind us (unless you live in that part of the world where Summer started yesterday), the skies are shiny and bright in the day, a diamond studded painting on velvet at night. Around here, it gives the frisky feeling of Spring or Fall farther north, without heat sapping body and mind energies. That's do-able!

These clouds disappeared about 5 minutes after putting on a dawn show
Early yesterday morning, about the time the Solstice officially began, the neighbor's  turkeys were making it clear something was in the air. 

This show went on for an hour or so. Gobble gobble.
Reading about friends in snow and cold makes me count my blessings even more. There are a few who revel in the beauty of winter, photographing sparkling ice sculptures of flowers and tree limbs made by Nature, snow at shoulder height to big dogs romping, their gatherings of winter crops, dug out of frozen banks of snow (who knew?). I can appreciate the beauty. I'd even visit it if the damn transporter would ever get done, ensuring a quick return to balminess. 

Yesterday, while my temporary dog friend was out in the yard, she wouldn't come when I called. Rather, something had her vivid attention, something she kept sniffing around. I thought it was a lizard, one of her favorite chase and play toys. But instead, it was a baby pigeon. Maybe it fell from a nest. Maybe its first flight couldn't be sustained. Regardless, there it was, rescued by my furry friend who brought it to my attention.

Gathering its fragile downy body into my hand, I brought it inside and called my go-to in all animal emergencies. She got in touch with a few people, and in minutes I got a call from Ricardo Colon, who works at Fish & Wildlife (787-378-6870 if you have a bird emergency). He showed up five minutes later, gently took the bird and promised me updates. It was amazing and wonderful. Thank you and thanks to the other two men who also got in touch. We're fortunate to have such help here.

Wherever you are, count your joys and multiply them by sharing them with others. That's a good thing in this season promoting good will to all humans (and our four legged friends as well).

Have a trouble-free Thursday. Do something tangible.

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