Thursday, December 15, 2016

Culebra Holiday Bling 2016

I was coming to town in the dinghy and noticed some people at the old dock, decorating for the holidays. Coming back later on, they were still at it. Taking a photo from the water side, especially when that water was extremely bouncy in 20 knot winds, was beyond my skills but luckily! I am housesitting very close by and could stop and take shots yesterday on my Find Culebra Decorations Drive. It wasn't a super extensive drive, but a start.

The little building is all decorated as well but there were people using it (which is great!), so I'll try to get it later. 

The day started trying to get the new registration for my dinghy. I'm only sharing this because if you don't know yet, you need a serial number on your registration or you will NOT get an updated sticker. Not the PR number, but where it says serial number. If you have no number there (N/A) you need to get one. Which means having your boat visually inspected by one guy who is on vacation and has no official phone number BECAUSE Claro has left ACDEC and Fish and Wildlife with no phones for over a year. Yeah. Since my dinghy AND my houseboat are handmade, I have to have it stated by this guy, then go to Ceiba and get signed off on it. As does everyone who has a boat on Culebra who doesn't have a serial number. Just a head's up. 

But, while going through that bit of confusion (maybe with our registration letter this might have been mentioned instead of waiting until the month we must update and risk being fined without this info), I stepped outside. Lower camp is one of our beautiful views, with its old building, docks and grounds. If you haven't been out there, you should check it out. Drive toward the cemetery, at the top of the hill turn towards the water, depending on what side you are coming from, and drive all the way down that road. Nice huh!

And more town-ish decorations.

A fork in the road

Something went on at the school the other evening, but I don't know what. When I first drove by this earlier in the day, the stage had lots of very big gaily wrapped presents on the stage, but they were gone by the time I was done with boat stuff. 

This is at the Alcadia. It looks like something from Christopher Robin's Great Woods.

For some reason, I must have been intrigued by this poor palm tree who lost its head.
This is a decoration we get many, many mornings, in fact this is the mild version. But having three pelican's fly directly over your head and come into the frame was an excellent surprise. 

Have a timely Thursday. Do something tenderly.


  1. I love the old dock area. Since we now stay in the Fulladoza area while on Culebra, HoundDog and I rest there under the little gazebo after returning from our early morning walk and before the 55 step climb back up to our casa.

    1. I relate. Last housesitting gig has 40 steps. I figure that's plenty of walking but I'm sure HoundDog would not agree!

    2. You'll be climbing those 55 steps with wine, cheese and crackers in 74 days. ;-))