Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Night and Day

*This is now about a day and night and day old but due to connection problems that's how that goes! Keep looking at the moon anyway!!

There has been a lot of drama in the skies in the last week or so, much more enjoyable than the dramas on the ground! So if you need a break from news of the Earth, don't forget to look up.

The Moon and Mars and some more of their friends

Dawning right before a short rain

After the rain
Some excellent news is the denial by the government to the DAPL. A victory for those of Standing Rock, a victory for believing in the power of the people. I can't help but wonder how many other atrocities would be avoided if American citizens as a whole joined together despite discomfort and military type dangerous harassment to fight for what is right. 

While the dual cause of fighting for their land and sacred spaces (so many of which have already been stolen) was a huge part of this equation, the other huge part was about saving the environment. I read a comment today saying what was the problem? That plenty of pipeline crisscrosses our country and everything is fine. Well, as in so many things that people don't take the time to find out about (and it's not as if we have to go to the library and search out a book), that just ain't true!

Here is a list of pipeline accidents in the US in the 21st century. JUST the 21st century, not before. There are so many that it is a very common occurrence, it is just not reported. You can look for yourselves. Oh, and here is an article on the accident history of the company responsible (to use a word lightly) for the DAPL. 

"The records show the company has lost at least 18,845 barrels of crude oil through pipeline spills across the country since 2005. 
And since 2010, the government has fined the company and its subsidiaries more than $22 million for environmental and other violations."
Or, if you don't have the time to look, here's an easier way to see what's going on, affecting our earth, our water and our people.

Pipeline spills/'accidents'
Why don't we hear more about these? Because it's not what people want to hear. Period. Whether it is hushed by corporate interests or just is boring to us, the result is the same.

So! Good news! and more work ahead. This denying of the current route of the pipeline is very positive, and a moment to hold on to. Just know that this was the last 21 miles of a pipeline already crossing four states...you can follow the markers. Solar, anyone?

Why include this in a blog about Culebra? Because while we don't have anyone wanting to put a pipeline through our island, we do have people wanting (and doing) things equally as destructive, to our land, to our waters. Maybe big developments don't seem as scary as a pipeline or tracking, but they should be seen in the same light. Violators should be held accountable to laws that already exist. It is just as difficult a battle as any place that is wanted for its resources by greedy, uncaring except for the dollar interests. The power IS in the people. That's all I know.

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  1. So well said. There should be a billboard in Culebra with your last paragraph quoted for the residents and visitors to see. Actually, we don't want a billboard, so a wall with your words beautifully painted on it, so that it may be a reminder every day of the work to be done.