Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Winds and Wild Weather

  1. Squall - 1
    a sudden violent gust of wind or a localized storm, especially one bringing rain, snow, or sleet. Oxford Dictionary

    Squalls have been a major feature of our weather lately. Coming out of bright blue, sunshiny and windy skies, suddenly dark clouds cover the world, a rush of even more heightened wind and the smashing of cold, fat raindrops takes over. For a few minutes. Then it's back to the winter norm here at Christmas time; warm and windy, brilliant blue skies, etc. etc. 

    One minute it is like this! A perfect tropical moment.

    The next, it is like this. Move it or get soaked.
    It's a great drama, but repeated often enough is like watching
    a pretty great re-run one too many times.

    Yes, like this again!
     Yesterday, getting ready to start another fun housesitting gig, I got caught in one, only after I'd locked up the houseboat, put my backpack and bag in large plastic bags (thus, not even worth trying to get to the key) when the sun went to pounding, cold rain. Hiding in the lee of the houseboat helped a little bit. Then, figuring the hell with it, I started to take off when I realized I'd blithely walked out the back door without closing the front door. Scrambling for purchase on the wet deck, that major faux pas was remedied before too much got soaked inside (I hope, I just closed it fast and took off). I'd literally only gone a few hundred yards before the rain was gone, the sky was blue and the wind dropped. A lot. If you heard somewhat maniacal laughter coming from the bay yesterday? That was me.

    Just another glorious good morning.

    Transformer looking ugly? Here's what you do!
    And because I like to give the occasional gift (no, I'm not giving away a Kitchen Aid mixer or a tiny home, sorry!), gifts that you can't find anywhere else, here is my current offering. Long time readers will recognize this cute butt! Thanks, Jacinto, for keeping important traditions constant in my world!

    Have a mean it Monday. Do something mighty.

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