Wednesday, November 30, 2016

There and Here

Oh, that we could send some of our rain to the fiery places in the Southeast of the US (actually, there are fires all over the US, rain and help is needed)! Our overabundance is their lack, to devastating proportions. 

From Earth Observatory NASA
The flash is a comparison from yesterday and November 22 in the same area

Whatever your form of positive thoughts is, send them in this direction, along with rain soon come. Along with sanity for those that are starting some of these fires. Here is one local place to look for ways to help.

Around here, where we know fire well, the rains have thankfully been saturating the ground, in an almost too much fashion. But in-between, it's blue skies and bright sun. The pattern continues.

Looking back on the way to town
Sort of like the post office, the veggie stand on Tuesdays is a great place to see friends and catch up. There is always someone or more that haven't been seen for awhile to chat with, exchange cooking ideas with ("Leeks! What do you do with them?" Curly kale...that is kale, right?) and generally shoot the breeze. 

When I got home, there was a mascot on the roof, very comfortably ensconced on the forward hatch cover. He didn't stay long but he did leave a memory of his visit and has me re-thinking my water collection plans...

Have a watchful Wednesday. Do something waterborne.


  1. We have rubber snakes on the roof of our houseboat, it seems to work. However, since the only snake on Culebra is a shy harmless one, the birds would probably try to eat it instead of being frightened. Your boat looks peaceful and lovely in a very nice place. Have you bought a second oar for the dingy? Remember, I warned you that one day you would be paddling in a circle waiting to be rescued. I think that time arrived a few days ago. ;-))

    1. Yes, it is peaceful here, until the rent people start partying ;)

      Hey, guess what? I stood in the bow with that one oar and did a 180 just fine, you have to up your level of belief in me! Truthfully, the whole incident went so well I thought it was someone else doing it. Of course I need another oar but that one really did the job intended. Nanny nanny boo boo. And laughing.

  2. Is that Casa Del Sol I see in the background?