Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The State of a Few Things

Yesterday, early in the morning, I heard sounds of laughter across the street from where I'm housesitting. It was coming from the Ecological School where some of Culebra's voting would soon take place. When I got there, the lines were long, smiles abounded and the mood was upbeat. I greeted and was greeted by old friends and acquaintances, many of whom I have no idea of their political affiliation. It didn't seem to matter. The tension in the air of four years ago wasn't there and that felt amazing.

Hours later, car horns were blaring, cheering filled the air. Ivan won, and the street party began. I know there was a losing side; there always is, but this is what I saw. 

So Culebra!

Heading down to Ivan's headquarters

Right before this, a swift and strong rain storm had blown through. High gusty winds, a whiteout over the bay, thunder rolling. And just as quickly it was over. It was like a sign; clear the air and move ahead. 

When the day to day is back, I hope this moment will remain in our minds and hearts. 

Our world stage is not very big on Culebra, but it is ours. The ups and downs, the good and bad, this is our family, some of us are in-laws, here by choice. I can't imagine feeling any other way.

I wish the above shot was a video, Fortunado leaping in the street was great! 

A big thanks to the tireless workers at the polls, all of whom were helpful and smiling for many long hours. Salud!

And then there was the American election. No doubt, my stance is well known, so there isn't much to say, except to say this. Where can you volunteer to make life better where you live? There are many, many needs and for each of us who wants to show what is good, there is a plethora of places to do so; women's clinics, Habitat for Humanity, homeless shelters, in schools (whether you have children or not), in libraries - yep, people still use them - even just on the street, with a smile at a stranger. Step in, step up. If the results of this election mean anything, it means we all have to do more to show and live the good. That's all I know.

Have an out of the woods, into the world Wednesday. Do something even a tiny bit wonderful.