Friday, November 25, 2016

Free Range Friday ~ Culebra

I hope your Thanksgiving saw you well fed and smiling with family and friends, what more is there to ask for? 

In various places around Culebra, people gathered together; it was definitely full bellies and full hearts. In a geographical rarity, I can say no one went hungry here on this island, food and love shared for those who couldn't make it out was plentiful. And big food for the heart, seeing Woody out and about was a filler upper!

Right before I left I saw my first pelicans in this little corner of the world, feasting on their own early dinners.

This morning, a great blue came in for breakfast. The photos aren't as sharp as I'd like, because my hands were shaking with happiness. Next time!

As ever, I miss those post-Thanksgiving days of sitting at the cart, waiting for Ann to come by with my turkey, cranberry and stuffing sandwich, but I have the memories and they are filling as well. That's what we do for those days and people gone from here, one way or another.

Have a free your fixin's Friday! Do something feastable!

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