Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Super Moon, Tarpon and Pomegranates

Last night was the Super Moon. And I missed its rising. Oops. From photos I've seen around the country it was a glorious thing, but I only saw it long afterward, when it looked less super, though beautiful. The night before wasn't bad.

While looking up for the moon, looking down brought tarpon.

Between moon glow and underwater lights, they carry on about their business.

I actually started to go look for the moon last night, early. Too early, catching only these pomegranates. Early enough to say, I'll just lie down for a moment...

The next thing I knew, it was dark. As dark as it gets with a bright moon lighting up the world.

So it goes in these strange days and nights. The beauty is everywhere, if we're awake to see it.

Have a take time Tuesday. Do something thrillful.

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