Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Where Am I?

About 98.7% of the time, my bow faces the big bay of Ensenada Honda. Sometimes with winds gusty and bold pushing me and my other moored companions tight against our lines, as if wanting us to return to land. And then there are intermittent times when the wind dies to nothing, the water turns to glass and I am looking out my front door seeing backdoor sights. Which can be a bit disconcerting if that's how you wake up. You think not? Imagine waking up and walking out your front door into your back yard. Ok, got it?

But of course, that is what boats are about. Making you keep your eyes open and your head somewhat in the game, because not much stays the same, except the very important things, like...being on top of the water, which is the very most important thing. If something in the norm looks to be changing, it's good to know why, what, where and when, just as a good journalist does when approaching a subject. It's not like a 24/7 worry though, just an awareness humming away under the daily go, a good thing, plus sometimes it's just a fun way to occupy yourself, making things a bit better, like hitching your drawers up or sitting up straight. It just feels good.

When weather is only a glance away, awareness isn't something to strive after, it is in your face. Literally. Yesterday had that amazing factor...first rainy and gusty and grey and cold, soup weather. Then still and sweaty hot. And literally, as the shadows overtook the sunlight at dusk, the temperature dropped a good five degrees in a couple of minutes. And then some more over the darkening hours. From the lightest sleeveless cotton top to a thermal long sleeved top that I had to dig out, with a half sleeved t-shirt in between the weather had its way. The thought of a heater actually crossed my mind at one point in the middle of the night, something that being on the water brought about that had never occurred to me when on land, even on three dog nights (Culebra type, I mean, mid to high 60's, low 70's...cold like that). 

Nope, no photos of me in my jammy's.
The swing about continues, like being in one of those very tall buildings with the revolving restaurants at the top, bringing about different sights each time I raise my head to look outside. Except I think I make better food. 

Dawn water bounce
Yesterday I waited for the rain to stop, thinking I had errands in town to take care of, mail to pick up, shopping and stopping. But once the rain stopped and the sun came out, I didn't want to leave. It would be like walking out in the middle of a good movie; I wanted to see what would happen next. So I did. 

Big excitement! New bright fronds gracing the palms.
There was no drama. Bait fish jumped. Long legged and short legged birds fished. I worked on a ladder Sue and Rick were kind enough to give me, having no need of it on their boat. I'm still trying to loosen a rusty bolt. I will win, but there is no hurry. 

Have a total Tuesday. Do something turnaround.

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