Saturday, November 26, 2016

Heading to Town

Once I dinghy out of Fulladoza Bay and turn the corner into Ensenada Honda, I never know what new sight will be out there. The other day I saw this boat/ship but had no camera with me. That wouldn't happen again! Well, most likely.

The name of the boat is Rogue. Perfect.
Closing in on town, I noticed that the floating house that wasn't yet complete when I left is now done.

Take a pontoon base, get 'er done!
My other favorite floating house 
I forget what this bird is called.
There are enough bait fish for birds and fisherfolk alike!

I've only seen a fast speed ferry with this hull design (it wasn't a smooth ride, either) but from the bit of information heard, they apparently do research...somewhere... Which I'd already assumed. I'd love to get a tour!

When I first saw the flag, I thought it was from some African country. When I looked it up, a bit chastised to find it was from Antigua and Barbuda, the description made me feel a little better. 

 ...the sun symbolizes the dawn of a new era, black represents the African heritage of most of the population, blue is for hope, and red is for the dynamism of the people; the "V" stands for victory; the successive yellow, blue, and white coloring is also meant to evoke the country's tourist attractions of sun, sea, and sand.
(from Flags with Descriptions, a very cool site if you are into flags)

Even the 'dinghy' is awesome
 I'm not usually a motorboat type but this one is fascinating to me. I heard some people from it were at our Thanksgiving dinner but I never met them. Oops!

Edited to add: It's for sale??

Have a safe sailing Saturday. Do something seasonal.


  1. The bird is a Brown Booby; they nest on the cays around Culebra. I always enjoy watching them fish.

    1. Well done! It took a while and a few people to get such an easy bitd that I thought I knew well. Thanks!